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Acadia's Gallery Page

On Her Birth Day

One Day Old


Even though she was just born, her markings are clear and you can already see how silky her fur will be.

Of course at one day old her eyes are still closed.


Two Weeks Old

Three Weeks Old

Her eyes are open now, and the two inches down must look like a long way to her.

Look how much she's grown since the picture right above this one!  She's up to the second line of the little chair.  She already weighs more than one pound.


One Month Old


Six Weeks Old

Acadia is a beautiful girl with four white feet and a lovely face.  Her eyes are outlined with white, and it gives her a very glamorous look.

Acadia at six weeks old, on the first day she and her littermates were out with "the big guys".  Such a pretty llittle lady.

Seven Weeks Old

Acadia - glamorous as usual.  She is lookig down, so it's not a true profile - but you can see her oolors quite well.

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