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Arundel's First CFA Show

Liberty Trail & NOVA Cat Fanciers
Easton, PA
October 22, 2011


He seems pretty relaxed for a baby who just beat four older kittens.

Color Classes

Arundel is in a very competitive group for showing.  Not only is he a Maine Coon kitten, the breed/division which typically has the most entries, but he is a brown tabby and white, which is typically the largest color class for Maine Coons.

We tried not to expect too much from his first show, since he was just over four months old, the minimum for showing in CFA.  We knew there would be older kittens there that would be hard for him to compete against.

As it turned out at this particular show, there were six MC kittens, and half of them were brown and white.  Only one other kitten was four months old, the rest were six or seven months old.
Arundel was calm (maybe even too calm!) and took things in stride.  His results were fantastic.  He did not receive anything lower than second place (red and white ribbons), and in two rings received first place (blue and black ribbons.)
Even more exciting, one judge also gave him a second best Maine Coon kitten placement (orange ribbon).


But wait, there's more!  In the Longhair specialty ring, he was called up to receive 9th Best Longhair Kitten!  We are so proud of him! 

Congratulations to Laurie and Pat, who showed him with such success at his, and their, very first show.  Obviously they did a great job in presenting him.  One judge remarked that he smelled good, and all the judges showed it in their placements.

The judge who finalled him mentioned his "beautiful, vivid markings" and remarked on his having "such a long body at such an early age."

Thank you to all the judges!

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