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Arundel's Show Page 2

Arundel's Second  CFA Show

Maine Coon Cat Club
Hammonton, NJ
November 5, 2011


This photo was taken at home, four days after the show. 
He may be tired, but he did well!

Color Classes

At this show, Arundel was still four months old, the minimum for showing in CFA.  We knew that as at the last show, there would be older kittens entered that would be hard for him to compete against.

There were 47 kittens competing at this show.  Since the show was put on by the Maine Coon Cat Club, we expected that there would be plenty of MC's, and there were.  There were ten MC kittens.  They included three brown and white boys and a brown and white girl.  There were four five-month-old kittens, two six-month-old kittens, and two seven-month-old kittens.  Plus Arundel.
Of course, age is not any kind of qualification for winning.  It's simply that kittens are judged by the same standards as adult cats.  An older kitten, especially in a larger breed like the MC, is more likely to be closer to the standard.

He did well, considering.  Three judges gave him the yellow, third-place ribbon.  Two gave him the red, second-place ribbon,  and one of those also gave him the white ribbon, second best of color class.

Finally, one judge gave him the blue and black ribbons, best of his color group and color class.

But wait, there's more!  The Maine Coon Cat Club wanted to honor Maine Coons by identifying the top MC entries in Kittens, Championship and Premiership.  Normally if the cat is not one of the top two, it's impossible to know how close he came.  But, in this show,  Arundel was rated fourth-best MC kitten by one judge, and third-best MC kitten by another.  It's not quite like making a final, but it's not bad.  Thank you to all the judges.

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