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Arundel's Gallery Page

On His Birth Day

Two Days Old


What a beauty he is even just born!  That squared-off muzzle, noticeable markings, and so much fur already!

He looks almost black at this point.  He is so dark except for his facial markings and the four white feet that don't show much in this shot.


Two Weeks Old

Three Weeks Old

This basket won't hold him for long.  Don't you love how deep his chin is?  And he is already showing a lovely profile.

At three weeks old, his eyes are wide open and he is rarin' to go.  Notice the growth from the photo right above.


 One Month Old

Seven Weeks Old

Arundel is a darling little guy, really beyond cute! Looking a little sleepy here.  The sturdiness of his legs is clear in this one.




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