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Attitash's Gallery Page

On His Birth Day

Two Days Old


Attitash was the first-born kitten, and also the largest, at a bit over five ounces.  Look at that head!  Once Summer got him out, the rest were easy.

A big blue boy, he's already tryng to open his eyes at two days old.  He would be described as 'high-white " like his mother, Summer..


Two Weeks Old

Three Weeks Old

He's meowing in this photo.  Like most Maine Coon cats, he's a big communicator.  They like to "talk", but they do not generally have loud voices.  His is just a squeak.

At three weeks old, he already weighed well over a pound.  He's a solid little handful.


 One Month Old

Seven Weeks Old

Attitash has the appearance of a big bruiser, but he is a real lap boy.  He loves to cuddle.  At one month old, he weighed over one and a half pounds More than two and a half pounds here.




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