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Osceola is still looking for her perfect home.  She is named in honor of a peak in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  She is really good with children and other cats, but so far has only a passing acquaintance with dogs.  She is missing her brothers and needs a new friend.

Katcoons Osceola


Here's Osceola checking out whether she fits in a box.  She does, but we are not going to ship her!  You will have to come and get her here.  Osceola is a very sweet girl who is also extremely playful and has a loud purr. She is a red classic tabby & white, but with a lot more white than red.  She will fetch if she feels like it.  A little work on that could make it more consistent.  She enjoys playing with running water and more than once has jumped into the shower with me.  Her ear furnishings are so long they stick way out of her ears.  That, combined with her ear tufts - one white, one red - give her a comical look that always draws a smile from me, and I am sure you will feel the same.  Her fur is as soft as a bunny's, and she is already growing a nice ruff.  She really likes to cuddle.


Acadia's New Kittens

CH Katcoons Acadia

Acadia is Osceola's dam.  She is also the mother of our new litter.





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