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Last Year's Kittens

Last summer's kittens are adults now.   CFA (the Cat Fancier's Association) considers eight months old to be an adult, for show purposes. However, Maine Coons are by no means done growing by then.  These kittens are now a year old.

Aurora, Acadia, and Arundel are all now CFA Champions! Attitash and Appalachian, now known as Leo, were happy just staying home.


Summer was the mother of the kittens.

Thunder was the father of the kittens.

Summer was the Mom of the litter.  She was wonderful with the kittens, very patient and gentle.  See the Females page for more about her. CH Rickoons Thunder is a full brother to the well-known sire CFA Grand Champion, Grand Premier, Regional Winner Rickoons Rockford.  I think Thunder's kittens show he has the same good genes.  Thanks to Rick and Joann Ruff of Rickoons for letting Summer visit Thunder.

Girl Kittens

Aurora - at 6 Months Old

Acadia - at 6 Months Old

At 7 months old, Aurora weighed 9 pounds, 7 ounces.  So, we were happy that she was then well into the range of an adult Maine Coon female (usually 8 to 12 pounds), as she started out as the smallest of the litter

At a year old, Aurora was over 11 pounds, about a half-pound more than Summer, her mother.

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At a year old, Acadia weighed ten pounds 11 ounces, almost exactly the same as Summer.

Boy Kittens

Arundel -  the brown boy

At 7 Months Old


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Arundel was fourteen and a half pounds at the time of the show in Leesport.  As you can see from the picture, he cleaned up, getting first (brown ribbon) or second (orange ribbon) best Maine Coon Kitten in every ring.  He also made one final, and got a rosette for 8th best Longhair Kitten.  That judge said, "He has a nice coat, nice square muzzle, is big for a kitten, has a nice long body and nice fluffy tail."  All true, in my opinion!  (By the way, that "black lump" in the bed in the background is his housemate, Mac, who came along for moral support.)

At a year old, Arundel was a hefty 18 pounds!


Attitash - the blue boy

 At Ten Weeks Old

Appalachian - the silver boy

 At Ten Weeks Old


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At six months old he weighed 13.4 pounds, according to his owner, Adam.

Even bigger than Attitash, he weighed 13.6 pounds at six months old.  Adam reports that both are healthy, happy, and enjoying life.

Photo of Summer by Larry Johnson.  Photo of Thunder by Chanan. Photo of Aurora by  Barbara Johnson .  Photo of Arundel by laurie Bidwell.  All rights reserved

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