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Our Boys

Marmalade is a red classic tabby
 and white.

Tangerine, Marmalade's uncle, is a cameo
classic tabby and white. 

PR Lakeffect Marmalade Skies
of Katcoons

Lakeffect Tangerine  Breeze
of Katcoons

Marmalade  is a typical red boy - he thinks he's in charge. He is into everyone's business all the time, and is always ready to "help" with any activity in the household.   Thanks to Mike Parker and Karen Vesk Parker of Lakeffect for letting him come to Katcoons.

Tangerine is an unusual color - cameo.  This means his color is red, with a white undercoat.  (Our friend Melissa says it should be called "champagne".)  He is a sweetie but  too shy for the showhall.  He is VERY affectionate with those he knows well.  We also thank Mike and Karen for Tangerine. 


Photo of Marmalade by K. Novak.  Photo of Tangerine by Karen Vesk.  All rights reserved..

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